Many of our colleagues (web developers and web designers) who wanted a web hosting that realiable and affordable. Generally as for their demands are looking for a good web hosting service, reliable and affordable. I created this article to make ease all friends to find a good web hosting is.

In choosing a good web hosting, there are several basic requirements that must be met, these requirements are:

1. Top customer service and support.
2. High quality hardware and network.

The rise of web hosting services make a new customer should be careful in the choice. Professional web hosting company is determining the survival of your website. Of course you do not want to any vote is not?

See the customer support first, this is one of the most important factors when you choose a right webhosting company for your business needs. Whoever you are, you will always give questions, comments, and even a future problem.

You are bored with the Web hosting company that offers 24-hours Technical Support but they are rarely removed? Or even a "Live Chat" (Human Click, PHP Live) always offline? What is most feared by the Customer after made payment? Of course, worried about poor support services by the Web Hosting company!

Before you choose a web hosting company for your website, make sure that all of your questions either via e-mail, phone, or chat online is always answered in a relatively short time (less than 1 hour). This directly measures the level of their service professionalism.

Price is very important for you right? But remember, cheaper is not necessarily good. You should search for web hosting review, web hosting directory to find a review of webhosting plus minus, or ask - questions to friends - your friends who have been hosting here and there. And compare the results.

For your reference if you looking for a new web hosting service, I want to tell a site that offer review. You can use review of web hosting from Web Hosting Geek through site Through Web Hosting Geeks, instead reviews conducted by both webmasters and customers, you'll find web hosting news, rating and also award of various hosting providers that are grouped in several categories such as green hosting, dedicated servers, and other categories to be adjusted to your preferences in choosing a web hosting service provider.

To help search for the best web hosting, Web Hosting Geeks provides Web Hosting Awards are divided into various categories. By looking at one of these categories, you will be treated to a hosting service provider by Web Hosting Geeks regarded as the best for that category. So, if you're looking for service providers web hosting, you can open a Web Hosting Geeks who might help you choose a hosting service provider you want.

For people who like to edit pictures or every day you do a job photo fun, you can try editing facilities photo online at This facility can be done online and can be used to make photo fun that like Photoshop, very popular image editing software these days. So you can edit your favorite photos make it more interesting and funny.

Sample images below are the results from the photofun editor in site, and you can edit your favorite photos with as much your own and use free online facilities.

For how to edit it also very simple and not requires special knowledge to make your photos look funny, unique and interesting.
- You simply choose your effects wanted
- Choose your image you want to edit that seemingly funny and interesting
- Upload pictures you want to edit
- Click create your picture
- See the results.

It is very simple, just by following the steps above you can be a professional photo editor. Oh well, there are many options of picture effects, so you can adjust the picture you want to edit like photofunia. So what are you waiting for? Make your photo look different with the others. And don't forget that they make EVERY DAY - NEW PHOTO EFFECT for your satisfaction.

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