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A Weblog is in short called a Blog. And what is a weblog, one might ask? It is simply an online journal, diary, or a record. In numerous cases, blogs can be viewed by the public. They may comprise of personal as well as professional information

Information which is unique and which is entered on a blog is termed as a Post. There can be innumerable posts entered on the same date. The author of the blog is responsible for the content posted on the blog.

A link or a hyperlink in a post is a reference to information, which is outside that post. The text that is related to the link is usually highlighted and/or underlined. On selecting the link, the user is immediately taken to the site or page that matches the link.

Bloggerwave need Page Rank is a way of measuring a particular website, with respect to the number as well as the quality of links directed to that website.

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