Payu2blog is unique because we not only offer a variety of interesting assignments, but you're paid well for doing your assignments. Our focus at Payu2blog is to make sure that bloggers receive a steady stream of work each week and don't feel they have to compete for their paid blogging assignments. Join our exclusive community of bloggers and start getting paid to blog today!

Blog Advertising. Bloggers in our network get paid to blog. Making money with your blog is very easy when you are a member of the Payu2blog network. Bloggers in our network blog about many topics and have fun making money while blogging.

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Make money from your blog. Build traffic.

Smorty has the worlds largest network of high quality blogs. Each and every blog is carefully reviewed before accepting them to our advertising network.

Our blogger community is built on ethics and the desire to help each other generate money from their blogs.

Advertisers can have articles written about their products or services with a link to their site (blog advertising). Bloggers can make money by writing opinion article posts and by pay-per-click advertising commissions.

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Make money from your blog. Write opinion articles or publish contextual advertising

Get paid for publishing. Publish pay-per-click advertising on your blog to generate
residual income.

Get paid for blogging. Write your opinion about peoples products and services to turn your daily blog updates into money.

Smorty pay directly to your PayPal account. Apply with multiple blogs to generate higher income.

-Write your opinions or publish ads
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Boost your search engine traffic with quality, relevant articles and links from thousands of blogs.

Smorty's service is a communication link between your site and thousands of blogs.

Create an advertising campaign and watch bloggers write unique review articles about your services. Each blogger will link back to your website using your specific keywords.

-Blog advertising made easy. Proven results.
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Blog Marketplace Reviews, Get reviewed by the best blogs!
Browse our Marketplace of the top blogs on the Internet.
Purchase a review of your product or service directly from a targeted blog.
Receive valuable feedback, buzz, traffic, and links back to your website!

Advertisers Offer Reviews, Create offers for bloggers to review!
Create an opportunity for bloggers to review your products and services.
You set the parameters of the campaign: price per review, the themes of the blogs that are relevant to your products or services.
You will benefit by receiving: buzz, traffic and links back to your website at a great price!

Advertorials, Control the message and measure results!
You can browse our marketplace of top blogs and choose the blogs to run your message which you remain in full control over.
Advertorials also feature full impression and click tracking so you can measure your return on investment.
Advertorials are a great way to generate buzz and traffic while controlling the message and measuring your results!


Bloggers - get paid to review products and services on your site. You control what you review.

How it Works

1. Submit your site for inclusion into our ReviewMe publisher network. Begin by creating a free account using the link below.
2. If approved, your site will enter our ReviewMe marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you.
3. You decide to accept the review or not.
4. You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.


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PayPerPost delivers online word of mouth marketing, brand building and traffic generation through the world's largest consumer generated advertising community and marketplace.

PayPerPost solutions provide you with a vehicle to promote your Web site, product, service or company through the PayPerPost network of over 50,000 independent bloggers. Connect with bloggers to create buzz, build traffic, get product feedback, gain links, syndicate content and much more.

PayPerPost Marketplace

Our marketplace is self-serve and easy application service that allows advertisers to reach out to our network of over 50,000 bloggers (known as "Posties" in our system). Our Posties will review, promote and market products, services and websites on behalf of PayPerPost advertisers. You can sign up and get started today!

PayPerPost Direct

PayPerPost Direct leverages the resources of our powerful back-end system to enable one-to-one transactions between Advertisers and our Posties. The Direct system is designed for Advertisers who desire to target individual blogs for smaller campaigns. The PayPerPost platform facilitates the negotiation process, payment and required tax documentation for the blogger.

PayPerPost Ecosphere

PayPerPost's blogosphere outreach solutions extend far beyond our industry leading marketplace. Our Ecosphere provides an integrated array of solutions that allow you to connect to our community of Posties and their readers through a variety of mediums. You can send our bloggers products, advertise in our community content and even meet the Posites at special events.


Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.

Get paid for blogging. You've been writing about Web sites, products, services and companies you love for years and you have yet to benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate. That's about to change. With PayPerPost advertisers are willing to pay you for your opinion on various topics. Search through a list of Opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It's that simple.

PayPerPost Marketplace

Join over 50,000 other bloggers who have started a new blogging revolution! PayPerPost is an incredible new self-service marketplace that allows you to get paid to blog about the products, services and websites you love. You can easily earn $500 per month or more with your current blog!

Postie Testimonials

You don't have to just take our word for it, you can watch videos from Posties that have changed their lives by monetizing their blogs with the PayPerPost marketplace. PayPerPost has turned ordinary bloggers into publishing powerhouses.

PayPerPost Direct

Do you have enough traffic and influence to appeal to advertisers on your own? The PayPerPost Direct widget can help you facilitate direct relationships with advertisers. Use the system to negotiate terms and help ensure you are paid by an advertiser for the work you perform and maximize the amount of money you make per post.

PayPerPost University

PayPerPost University is the best resource for learning about the PayPerPost sponsored content marketplace. This video training library allows users to quickly grasp navigation and account management functionality. Whether you're an advertiser or a blogger, PayPerPost University helps you get the most out of our feature-rich service.


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Make money from your blog now!

Now you have a way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog! No Kidding! Join this exciting new program and get your first order after your blog is reviewed! How does it work? We connect you with advertisers that are interested in sponsoring your blog, you post to your blog and get paid!

What types of blogs are you looking for?

No particular preference as long as it’s not spammy nor pornographic. We are looking for blogs which 90% of content has been indexed by major Search Engines.

My blog has personal content. Can I disclose the links as paid or sponsored?

We prefer that posts do not disclose the links we pay for. Blogs with Disclosure Policies that clearly state that post will be identified as paid or sponsored may not be approved for link assignments but may continue earning through referral.

What do your Ads look like?

Our ads are plain texts. A word or group of words directed to an advertising site. A site review is not necessary. You just have to write a regular blog entry mentioning the given anchor text. You will be paid as soon as the links are posted whether or not somebody read the posts or click the links.

Is there a certain period set for these links to stay live?

Links should stay live for at least one year from date of posting, it would be best though if they are not deleted at all.


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Advertisers Generate Buzz with Blog Marketing

Advertisers sponsor targeted campaigns to spread the word about product releases, press coverage, events, news, or anything else that an advertiser wants to get in front of millions of readers across the Internet through blogs.

-Fully automated blog marketing system
-Matches campaigns to bloggers based on relevance
-Blog values are based on real statistics
-Track your success through our unique Buzz Analytics

Advertisers get your buzz on. Snapbomb is the fastest way to spread the word through the blogging community.

Word-of-mouth Advertizing through Blogs

SnapBomb gives you a new way to create buzz and promote your company, events, web site, products or services all over the webs millions of blogs. With SnapBomb, it is easy to give your content increased visibility and gain valuable backlinks to your site. Additionally, you can get excellent feedback on your products and services and learn from your customers all while creating buzz and driving more people to your website.

Our product is simple to use and allows you to target specific types of customers getting more value out of your advertising dollar. Bloggers will review anything you want, spreading your message through their reading community.

Check your buzz with our free buzz analytics suite and learn how to increase your buzz today.

Bloggers Make Money Writing Blog Posts

Bloggers select sponsored campaigns that match their interest, expertise and blog content, getting paid for their efforts while writing about topics they are passionate about.

-Check the value of your blog through our automated valuation system and start making money today!
-Our matching system makes it easy to find opportunities that match your blog content.

Get Paid for Writing Blog Posts

You are a blogger. You write to hundreds or even thousands of readers that come to your blog for your insights. You have written about products, events, companies, and your interests and you have not seen a dime for all the sales you have generated for companies. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for your efforts? Well, now you can. With Snapbomb advertisers will pay you for your opinion. Find an opportunity, post a blog, and earn money right away. Make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month doing something that you love.