Choosing Paid to Review (PTR)

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Choosing Paid to Review (PTR)

Many are asking, What are the program paid review that I follow, and I also have to answer questions from them. The question is, should the same people who predict the program? I own a lot more pleased with the experiment, so I follow the example of a then I will also follow the A plus B. Essentially, we need to be creative, do not receive all the information is raw.

As I often say in writing that each person who successfully carry out certain types of business, we can not guarantee success like them, because the medium can be different, although may do the same. For example, in the paid to review this time, I could only generate a $ 200 with a time almost 1 month, and in fact you may be more than that. Many factors affecting. Such as blog's topic, its Page Rank (PR), Alexa ranking, etc.. So, for example, you include a doubt, or even afraid to try, get rid of all that. Because it is more important to try. Because from there we can know the benefits and shortcomings. Besides, we can take a lesson from the results of the guesswork.

And following that I can share some of the brokers paid to review:

Receive a blog with Page Rank (PR), which is still low. Paid each month from each review that has been approved. It reviews the bids difficult to predict, because we can not make a bid. But for beginners, this is recommended, because the level of difficulty is minimal.

Sponsored Reviews (SR)
Process to approve our review quickly, the payment is also fast. We are only choose own to topics that we want to review. Accepted / rejected our BID determined by the advertiser. The price of each review is us.

Payperpost (PPP)
Process to approve our review is fast, payment of long. Topics that we want to review choosen by self, only the right to write a review is limited in accordance with the rating of it.

Price review every flat $ 6, Process to approve rather long, but a scheduled payment, about 2 weeks once every day interests.

Hopefully this information can helpful for you to choosing Paid to Review (PTR).

List of Top PTC = Paid to Click (actually pay)

When I follow this program several PTC, .. and then all of my selection. I select the payoutnya quickly and the minimum payoutnya low, so we just need to wait long to get payment. So what's it, including the category? From some of these sites receive various types of payment, .. but all accept e-gold. because I love e-gold due to its convenience, including what we want to attract to our bank accounts in local banks, currently many agents e-gold local who can be trusted.

Name PTCPay per clickMinimum Payout
ad-cents0.1-1 cents$0.25(payout4x)
payingcash0.01-0.25 cents$0.01(at least 14 days so members)payout 3x
fast-ptr0.01-0.25 cents$0.01(at least 14 days so members)payout 3x
5centminimum0.01-0.1 cents$0.05(payout 4x)
jillsclickcorner0.01-0.25 cents$0.1(payout 3x)
Kooplinks0.35 cents(rata-rata)$0.02(payout 10x)
Gotbux0.1-0.25 cents$0.02(payout 2x)
ptc-depot0.25-1 cents$0.25(payout 1x)

PTR More Desirable, Should be Abandoned AdSense

This is indeed a new prediction. Can be this predicted will decline. But some of the advantages offered PTR, may very likely if the Indonesian netter will roll into PTR and leave Adsense that the results need longer time and need a more complicated way.

PTR shortness of Paid to Review. You will be paid from each review that you make on a product or site. Some sites that serve PTR is now once more. Only the mention of them, Blogvertise, Reviewme, SponsoredReviews, Payperpost, Smorty, Buyblogreviews, Linkworth and others.

The results that we will get from PTR relative can be faster and felt no need to wait a long time. Even now there may be a result every week as Smorty. Place only if a review of your valued $ 10 a week and can only three bids, then you can have $ 30. Your results will increase if you have more than one blog, which included for PTR.

This opportunity is now open with the opening of the service withdrawing money from paypal with the local bank. This can be reliable, because every time it needs money, revenue from this PTR can rely on.

Meanwhile, the more strict AdSense with the regulations and also how to check takes a minimum of one month (with the services of CitiBank) and withdrawn if the new cost at least $ 100 is collected and to get this amount was not easy, especially for beginners. So with this simple analysis, the more easily the search for money through PTR, AdSense will be slowly abandoned. Or if the fumble, AdSense will only be side!

How to Makes The Dollar "Paid To Review"

To the general public, only briefly, Paid To Review (PTR) is a program where you will be paid from a review site. Courtney easy, you have a blog or website and, in general, you can write in English.

For beginners
For a new business or will start to Paid To Review (PTR), I suggest you to join Blogvertise, Sponsoredreviews or Reviewme. Why?

This PTR blog received in the All language. But for review still only receive a review in English and several other languages that have supported. Blogvertise also receive a blog with Page Rank (PR), which is still low. Paid each month from each review that has been approved. For instance, you make a review of 1 January, it will be paid on 1 February. To blog under the PR4 average $ 5-10 per review. It reviews the bids difficult to predict, because we can not make a bid, such as in Sponsoredreviews that I will explain next. But for beginners, this is recommended, because the level of difficulty is minimal.

I think this is the most okay, especially for those who are beginners. Blog with low PR can be registered only is the origin of the age of three months. When you register a blog, sponsoredreviews will provide an assessment to your blog. My blog is set $ 20-100 per review. There are some parameters used. Technorati links, Alexa, Real Rank will accumulated and all will be how much of your total Rank. The higher we Rank, the higher the pay review we will be. The tip is do a bid-only cheap, especially for those who are beginners. Although your blog for example given the price minimum $ 25 but there are even bid $ 10 or $ 5 just received. Fitting beginning I often do with the bid price higher. If under $ 20 is not taken. Finally, I'm not got bid. My suggestion, do a small bit, if it is current, please glance greater.

This level above Blogvertise more difficult. There are minimum requirements for a minimum PageRank and Alexa. If no one PR3 Alexa and a minimum one million. But if we have received, the labor reviewnya middling easy. Not as payperpost or Smorty that I will explain further. But it should not copy-paste. Try to write your own. Tips, if the site is it about me, please be learned from there. Make a copy and paste the saucy, not the original paste. the price per review also depends on PR. Average $ 5-10. Can be more if your minimum PR 4. So that often can review the bids, each month please do update categories. But must also be considered, because this is important for the future of your blog also, select the category that is still relevant.

For those who have advanced
Sponsoredreviews although recommended for beginners, but still okay to have been advanced. The reason, because Sponsoredreviews will provide a high price for a blog with good PR and have proven their review satisfactory the advertisers. For those who have reached this level, the selling may be expensive. Place tariff, which you simply because you have a name.

I actually own less satisfied with the way work Smorty. Almost the same as Buyblogreviews, Smorty sizeable bid from stagnating. Can a week until a review was bid at all. It, if you have a blog with high PR, can bid more often. Because of PR into consideration advetiser in Smorty. In addition, the support team work rather slow. We need to spend a wait-day review of whether we accepted or rejected. That okay, as Sponsoredreviews, sent payment every two weeks.

This is recommended for those who already have advanced. People like fishing, fish here is big. Although there is still a review of the bid price of $ 5, but I rarely bid with the average $ 20, $ 25, $ 35. Even for those who already have a master review and PR blog that high, the price per-up review can be high. Interestingly, the PPP in a bid review can be stable. One level with Sponsorereviews stability matters to review the bids. But for the tariff review, the PPP still okay. Just for you to attract that money quickly, a review of the PPP to pay one month of each review, as Blogvertise. For those who want to join, the minimum age blog is 3 months, and have the content in English, and will be assessed manually, whether the content is original and does not violate the PPP policy. One again, each review in the PPP must share at least one post that is not to post a review (PTR). So you work a little extra.

Tips for all PTR
Often you log into your account because some PTR give bid with a short time limit. Write a review of demand, for instance, if you must install the video, inserting images, to include Anchor Text (name or title link), so do it according to demand, not at their own.