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Advertisers Generate Buzz with Blog Marketing

Advertisers sponsor targeted campaigns to spread the word about product releases, press coverage, events, news, or anything else that an advertiser wants to get in front of millions of readers across the Internet through blogs.

-Fully automated blog marketing system
-Matches campaigns to bloggers based on relevance
-Blog values are based on real statistics
-Track your success through our unique Buzz Analytics

Advertisers get your buzz on. Snapbomb is the fastest way to spread the word through the blogging community.

Word-of-mouth Advertizing through Blogs

SnapBomb gives you a new way to create buzz and promote your company, events, web site, products or services all over the webs millions of blogs. With SnapBomb, it is easy to give your content increased visibility and gain valuable backlinks to your site. Additionally, you can get excellent feedback on your products and services and learn from your customers all while creating buzz and driving more people to your website.

Our product is simple to use and allows you to target specific types of customers getting more value out of your advertising dollar. Bloggers will review anything you want, spreading your message through their reading community.

Check your buzz with our free buzz analytics suite and learn how to increase your buzz today.

Bloggers Make Money Writing Blog Posts

Bloggers select sponsored campaigns that match their interest, expertise and blog content, getting paid for their efforts while writing about topics they are passionate about.

-Check the value of your blog through our automated valuation system and start making money today!
-Our matching system makes it easy to find opportunities that match your blog content.

Get Paid for Writing Blog Posts

You are a blogger. You write to hundreds or even thousands of readers that come to your blog for your insights. You have written about products, events, companies, and your interests and you have not seen a dime for all the sales you have generated for companies. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid for your efforts? Well, now you can. With Snapbomb advertisers will pay you for your opinion. Find an opportunity, post a blog, and earn money right away. Make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month doing something that you love.