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For a long time I did not write about SEO tips and tricks so that my recent article in the rarely comment. Unlike the articles that many older I get positive responses. Indeed, I recently realized I almost lost the idea to help "readers" who read the articles in this blog, especially about the lessons SEO. But perhaps with a little advice in this article, at least, there will be additional knowledge.

This article suitable to all groups, whether you bloggers who Beginners, and for those of you who are bloggers have enough senior (although I still junior). May often after we have long been involved in the blogging world, the most fundamental lessons of the SEO techniques we forget, I personally experienced it. Because every day thinking about how to dupe search engines with content available (even copy and paste), the quality we forget, what happened is we only think of traffic and traffic! Yes, indeed needed web traffic, but traffic is coming from where? After getting traffic, what should we do? How to manage traffic? Well .. some of these questions that I recently realized.

Often, after getting traffic from search engines, we do not know how to manage it. Readers after read one our article, then went and did not return. As many people already know that Alexa Rank is determined not only by the page visits, but by the page views. For example (not the actual example, but absolute) website marketplace / affiliate Alexa Rank often to check it before approve blog / website to become part of their partners write as publisher. For example first, when I submit my ad CpxInteractive, the time I get my blog Alexa Rank 200,000 with an estimation of people in 1800 visitors, they rejected my blog! But several weeks later, my Alexa Rank rise to around 170,000, with an estimation of 1,500 visitors, my blog approved. Why so? Because my blog, although the visit did not get too high, but blog hits / my blog page views was quite high.

Perhaps with a little illustration above, you can imagine the importance of the page views / hits to your blog? With the reality of conditions such as the above, I challenge to provide you some tips and tricks on how to increase the amount of pageviews your blogs. This method is suitable for you to submit ads based CPM as CpxInteractive, DoubleClick, Axill, even Adsense.

Below 10 means that a fundamental capital to improve your blog, which is currently still does not get hit that high:

1. Select Themes of the Good
2. Try Giving "Related Post" (can be manually or plugin)
3. Make out a link that allows visitors to open a new window when clicked.
4. Adding images / banners that attractive / interesting on the link that you will read in your blog (Most Popular Page).
5. Giving a good title on each article title or at least a good link.
6. Give the article a positive and informative and interesting so that the actual readers curious to read the articles you the other.
7. Adding Recent Posts / Recents Entries / Last Articles in the sidebar (recommended in the sidebar).
8. Adding a search box on the blog easier for readers to find articles with keywords that they enter.
9. Try to not put too much content (whether images, video, banner, usual, badges) are too heavy, so visitors lazy and difficult to open your blog, if you insist, try placing the features are in the position not disrupt their views (eg in the sidebar, the footer, do not post in the header)
10. Better not turn Autoplay on audio or video content so that visitors who use the internet services (Dial Up and ADSL Limited) is not cured because of charges that will swell!


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