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Route : Semarang - Jakarta (Gambir Station)

Departure Time : 05.00

Arrival Time : 10.35

Train General Information

Argo Muria was first launched on December 22, 1997. This train serves an alternative travel from Semarang to Jakarta in the morning and in the evening from Jakarta to Semarang.

This was followed by the launching of Argo Muria II on May 20, 2001 that serves passengers from Jakarta to Semarang in the morning and from Semarang to Jakarta in the evening. Therefore, there are two alternatives of departure at both Semarang Tawang and Gambir.

Argo, which literally means mountain, is the brand image of executive train service. The name Muria was taken from Mountain Muria which stands 1,602 m high on the north Kudus, a town about 69 km from Semarang. This area is famous for its various endangered species such as burung pontang (a kind of bird), murian eagle, deer, and monkey.