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Choosing Paid to Review (PTR)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 | 0 comments »

Choosing Paid to Review (PTR)

Many are asking, What are the program paid review that I follow, and I also have to answer questions from them. The question is, should the same people who predict the program? I own a lot more pleased with the experiment, so I follow the example of a then I will also follow the A plus B. Essentially, we need to be creative, do not receive all the information is raw.

As I often say in writing that each person who successfully carry out certain types of business, we can not guarantee success like them, because the medium can be different, although may do the same. For example, in the paid to review this time, I could only generate a $ 200 with a time almost 1 month, and in fact you may be more than that. Many factors affecting. Such as blog's topic, its Page Rank (PR), Alexa ranking, etc.. So, for example, you include a doubt, or even afraid to try, get rid of all that. Because it is more important to try. Because from there we can know the benefits and shortcomings. Besides, we can take a lesson from the results of the guesswork.

And following that I can share some of the brokers paid to review:

Receive a blog with Page Rank (PR), which is still low. Paid each month from each review that has been approved. It reviews the bids difficult to predict, because we can not make a bid. But for beginners, this is recommended, because the level of difficulty is minimal.

Sponsored Reviews (SR)
Process to approve our review quickly, the payment is also fast. We are only choose own to topics that we want to review. Accepted / rejected our BID determined by the advertiser. The price of each review is us.

Payperpost (PPP)
Process to approve our review is fast, payment of long. Topics that we want to review choosen by self, only the right to write a review is limited in accordance with the rating of it.

Price review every flat $ 6, Process to approve rather long, but a scheduled payment, about 2 weeks once every day interests.

Hopefully this information can helpful for you to choosing Paid to Review (PTR).