PTR More Desirable, Should be Abandoned AdSense - Earn Cash from Reviews

PTR More Desirable, Should be Abandoned AdSense

This is indeed a new prediction. Can be this predicted will decline. But some of the advantages offered PTR, may very likely if the Indonesian netter will roll into PTR and leave Adsense that the results need longer time and need a more complicated way.

PTR shortness of Paid to Review. You will be paid from each review that you make on a product or site. Some sites that serve PTR is now once more. Only the mention of them, Blogvertise, Reviewme, SponsoredReviews, Payperpost, Smorty, Buyblogreviews, Linkworth and others.

The results that we will get from PTR relative can be faster and felt no need to wait a long time. Even now there may be a result every week as Smorty. Place only if a review of your valued $ 10 a week and can only three bids, then you can have $ 30. Your results will increase if you have more than one blog, which included for PTR.

This opportunity is now open with the opening of the service withdrawing money from paypal with the local bank. This can be reliable, because every time it needs money, revenue from this PTR can rely on.

Meanwhile, the more strict AdSense with the regulations and also how to check takes a minimum of one month (with the services of CitiBank) and withdrawn if the new cost at least $ 100 is collected and to get this amount was not easy, especially for beginners. So with this simple analysis, the more easily the search for money through PTR, AdSense will be slowly abandoned. Or if the fumble, AdSense will only be side!